Friday evening on the 6th July saw the start of the season on the syndicate lake. The draw for swims had been done three weeks previously and a fair bit of bait had gone in, everyone was keen to get started. At 6pm on the sound of a rocket being set off the lads cast out full of hope and anticipation.

With some thirty rods flying out into the lake the wiley old carp of the lake seemed to know the score as they always do.

Carp bait I was fishing the Slope swim, and a few swims down at midnight Turkish (Steve Brown) was in the Mushroom, Steve was first to get a bite and landed a nice old looking 23lb mirror, Steve was over the moon as this was his first mirror from the lake in a lot of years, Well done Turk.

nash bait

Not long after Steve had landed his fish I was a into a fish that turned out to be the rarely caught Sandy at a spawned out weight of 30.12.

The next morning young Luke Vallory had caught a 21lb common from the Dug out. A 28lb common also came out early that morning from the short pads to Derrick. The fish seemed to have spread out around the lake.

nash tackle The next evening Turkish caught one of the Sutton stock fish at 23lb, a mirror known as Floyd a real stunner. Early next morning Lee (Wingnut) had a 23lb common from the Point swim.

nash lee valley It was a quiet night but in the morning I went and did pictures for Luke he had just landed a PB mirror of 32.14, the Unknown fish - well in mate.

I did not fish the next night, and was having a lay in when at 6am an excited voice on the phone told me he had a chunk of a mirror in the net, this was Luke again in the Dug out swim. Luke had just smashed his PB again with a fish known as H at an impressive weight of 37lb.  He had also had another small common, well done mate what a good start for you.

Other fish that morning were from Met Rob who had moved to the Point swim, a 25lb common, and the elusive fish known as the Comet at an all time high of 28lb stunner.

The next night I got me rods back out and had a move into the Dug Out, a lot of fish were present, but with the lake now nearly empty they they started to move out. Turkish on his lat night now, rang me around 3.30 am with the news of a huge common landed. he called me back to confirm the weight, it was Tango the once a year carp at 38.7 he was made up, and rightly so what a fish one I would like to catch. A big well done mate a new UK PB and a real prize.

So that brings me up to date so far, with lots more fish still to grace the banks, and things are looking really good for autumn.

See you on the bank, Jerry.



"I fished with Ben & Co... last week, I was in the weedy corner and I would like to say that Brooke Lake is dreamy; a clear crown jewel..."